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Ministry of Culture and Sports represents Guatemala in forum Cinematography

CACI reunion 2
CACI reunion 2

The 21 to the 24 XXVI July regular meeting of the Conference of Latin American Film Authorities held (CACI) in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Guatemala participated as a member state, monitoring to ensure the integration of our country into the Latin American film.

"We welcome this American forum Guatemala and augur from its integration, growth in programs and policies that promote the production of a fully integrated Guatemalan cinema to cinema and audiovisual market of Latin America "were the words of welcome from Manoel Rangel, executive secretary of the CACI.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports consistent with the development and growth of the Guatemalan film movement, accompanies this effort as the film and audiovisual authority Guatemala and celebrates the integration and sustainability CACI to give certainty to the Guatemalan film.

CACI reunión I

Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture affirmed its commitment to the Guatemalan film, starting with several significant actions for the country spearheaded support the guild.

The CACI was created 11 November 1989 by the Heads of State of Latin America by signing the Convention on Cinematographic Latin American Integration, within it the maximum audiovisual and cinema authorities of the countries that make up the Latin American region participate, its purpose is the development of filmmaking in member countries and integration through a fair share.

Develops 4 major programs, DOCTV Latinoamerica, the Ibero-American Audiovisual Observatory, IBERMEDIA IBERMEDIA and TV. Guatemala has benefited from these programs through various projects, within them films produce powder Julio Hernandez, Fe Alejo Crisostomo, the Central Workshop Filmmaking School of Film and Television Casa Comal, Scholarships for Guatemalans in the International Film School of Cuba and more recently production of the documentary "The Flying Azacuán" Rafael Gonzales under the Latin America program DOCTV.

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