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Ministry of Culture and Sports greets national artists

On a day like today, ago 63 years old, a group of artists left for Guatemala City, after participating in a festival in Petén. They never reached their destination. On the way, the plane that was carrying had an accident, which left an irreparable loss to the Guatemalan art. To remember these great figures and recognize the work of artists, was decreed 27 October as National Artist Day.

The plane crashed carrying the likes of Paco Perez, Manolo Rosales, Mario Lara, Negreros and Solomon Henry Argueta, inter alia. The designation of this date as National Artist Day became the 13 October 1981 through a decree issued by the Congress.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports contributes to the artistic development of the country, through festivals, Concerts, dance performances, training activities and dissemination of artistic expressions of art. Through the Department of Arts presentations of the official artistic groups are coordinated: National Symphony Orchestra, Guatemala National Choir, Ballet Nacional de Guatemala, Modern and Folkloric Ballet Nacional, Concert Marimba Fine Arts, Women Marimba Concerto, Concert Marimba National Palace of Culture.

Also is responsible for the formation of new generations of artists through the National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara", National School of Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla", National School of Dance "Marcelle Bounge" and National School of Drama. Also, has regional schools and conservatories and academies of art community, that aim to bring art to all corners of the country.

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