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Ministry of Culture and Sports and SAT signed technical cooperation framework agreement

The heads of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Tax Administration (SAT), signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement, to the need to establish rules and procedures that allow both institutions working in coordination in compliance with the legal standard of protection of cultural heritage, and thus to implement control measures and verification of exports and imports of goods.

The signing took place in the Hall of Ministers of Culture and Sports of the National Palace on Thursday 22 January this year, attended by Minister of Culture and Sports Dwight Pezzarossi and Interim Superintendent of Tax Administration, Omar Franco Alvaro Chacón. Also accompanied the act, the Deputy Minister of Heritage, Rosa Maria Chan Guzmán and the Head of the Department of Prevention and Control of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property, Eduardo Enrique Hernandez Herrera.

The agreement aims to establish specific guidelines for working together, and thereby obtain a customs control to prevent the illegal export of Guatemalan cultural heritage. The Convention is part of the convention of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which was established in 1970.

It is recognized that the import, export and illegal transfer of cultural property, constitutes one of the main causes of the impoverishment of cultural heritage, committing each State Party to implement the necessary conditions and services, to prevent such illegal actions, and this agreement formalizing these implementations.

Through the Convention shall promote and facilitate the processes of training and cross-training and continues to staff the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Customs Directorate of the SAT. And more directly Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is committed to providing the necessary technical support in conducting surveys, verifications and surveys of cultural property in the course of customs operations at ports, airports and border crossings.

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