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Ministry did not commit to purchase balls overvaluation


75 thousand footballs #5 were acquired by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, bidding process as, conducted late last year. Q 67.oo was the cost of each unit, a lower price than the market, Q80.oo of the Q. 90.and, compared with the same quality balls.

Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports, reported that the product quality is what determines its value, and is what the Ministry seeks to provide the public. We are giving guarantee, for children and young people in general have a product that will last and have not complaints from the public.

In the award were two bidders with a significant price difference, But the company that won the contract, was because full features of the bidding, and was defined by the review panel in accordance with state procurement law.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, via the Department of Sport and Recreation, is committed to promoting recreation and sport unfederated nationwide, so the sports equipment is a tool to accomplish this goal.

We cordially invite to learn about the work of the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, initiatives working to promote the sport and encourage children and young people away from violence.

The Culture, engine of development!

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