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Minister Chea Urruela urges theater artists to be proactive

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Chea Urruela inaugurated the commemorative comparsa, It held on Saturday 25 March, en el marco del Mes del Teatro. El titular de la cartera expresó su beneplácito por la celebración a esta rama del arte. Also, urged artists to submit works propositional, creative and reflect the reality in Guatemala. The output is made in the frontispiece of the National Palace of Culture.

En el acto, Deputy Minister of Culture, Max Araujo said the role of healing that has the theater to society. La Directora de Fomento del Arte, Lucia Weapons invited the participants to execute and deliver his talent.

The comparsa in participating schools, academies and artistic groups toured the Paseo de la Sexta toward the Cultural Centre "Miguel Angel Asturias". In this cultural complex, the artist José Mario Masella read a proclamation of Manuel José Arce, Diary of a Escribiente.

Month activities Theatre, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, People's University, the Central Bridge Theatre, la Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático, the School of Art, University Theatre Art Institute and Demos, continue until 29 March.

By supporting actions under the World Theatre Day, commemorated on 27 March, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, It encourages exponents of drama to be protagonists of new proposals on stage.

Comparsa Mes del Teatro 2017

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