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Minister takes part in celebration of International Women's Day in the Field of Mars

Authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports participated in the inauguration of the "Women's Week" at a ceremony held on Tuesday 10 March on the premises of Campus Martius. This activity takes place within the framework of International Women's Day is commemorated each 8 March.

The activity began with a formal ceremony chaired by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi and General Director of Substantive Areas, Amanda de León who welcomed women participants from agencies belonging to the Ministry.

In his speech the Minister stressed the importance of leisure and sporting activities as a form of social interaction and family. The officer made a greeting the female sector, emphasizing the important role of women in the country's development.

For his part, Amanda De Leon, thanked the support given to the current administration support and appreciated the presence of women in society. Subsequently the awarding of diplomas and awards took place at the Ministry prominent women, for their collaboration, for their support and delivery that have made each of the programs Substantive Areas.

The honorees were: María del Rosario Valdez, who is the leader of the colony Colom Argueta and has paid all his experience to Women program; Beatriz Eugenia Ortega, Betza Ramirez, Frances White and Cinthia Nayarith, and Maritza Buenafe, who celebrates 18 years of professional service in the Ministry of Culture and Sports; Dolores Rivas who is the godmother of the Champ de Mars, Amanda de León and the Director of the National Institute for Young Ladies "Maria Luisa Samayoa".

In the middle of the activity there was also a motivational talk, where the theme of the importance and value of women was addressed, provided by the developer Program Inclusion and Coexistence, José María Pirires. The talk ended with the intervention of the Program Coordinator Women, Yori Estrada, who thanked the daily struggle of women in society in different occupational fields, economic and social.

After the talk was offered an exercise class with Zumba instructors, aerobics and rhythmic dance.

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