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Museum of Archaeology receives Facsimile of the Codex of Spain

Facsimil certificado del Códice de Madrid.

Facsimile certificate Madrid Codex.

A Facsimile of the Codex of Spain, one of four manuscripts that are known and consists of 112 pages-the longest of all there today- was donated yesterday to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology MUNAE the Ministry of Culture and Sports, by the Embassy of Spain in Guatemala.

The original of the Codex of Spain is sheltered in Museo de America in Madrid, Spain. It is a codex where you see a wealth of exquisite images, I visual, also contains all kinds of daily rituals of the Maya of the time, has an astrological vocation and kept in good condition, Manuel unveiled Lejarreta, Ambassador of Spain in Guatemala.

The Mayan culture is an important component for the Guatemalan nation ... the Mayan culture and other cultures, makes us more human to us all. This is also in a spirit of collaboration that is installed between the Embassy of Spain and MUNAE, said Ambassador.

This codex, as their counterparts, Manual is a ritualistic arranged according to the days of the year, as an almanac. It contains forecasts and luck for each day, between cycles 260 and 364 days. Subjects omen almanacs include hunting topics, beekeeping, tissue, rituals for rain, planting and harvesting, as extracted version of the book "The Maya Codices" from the Autonomous University of Chiapas, 1985.

Some authors such as Glass (1975) place the Codex of Spain in the time of the pre-conquest. Possibly dating from the fourteenth century says Manrique (1979). However, Thompson (1960) has written the codex may belong to the next century (XV).

Within the coordination between the two countries, Spain has among its plans to mount an exhibition entitled "Footprints in eternity, Maya in Guatemala ". This will be an effort of the Embassy of Spain in Guatemala and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, look forward to the collaboration of Guatemalan and Spanish major companies, Ambassador reported.

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