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National History Museum opens its doors to the Early Music Festival

diseño 11 de junio 2016
diseño 11 de junio 2016

The Early Music Festival visit Saturday 11 June, to 10:00 hours, the National Museum of History, the Ministry of Culture and Sports (9Th street 9-70, area 1). On this occasion, attendees can enjoy Gregorian chants sung by the "Cantoría of Christ the King Lutheran", plus details on this type of music thanks to Dr. Jorge Pellecer.

Definitely, this will be an opportunity to get in contact with both Catholic Christian spirituality and music that accompanied the rituals, Lutherans as a thousand years ago.

The interpretations presented are based on ancient manuscripts, some of them, preserved in the Archdiocesan Archives of the Metropolitan Cathedral. He explains the Master Marco Barrios, festival organizer, these writings, in many cases, are copies made in the Viceroyalties during the colonial era, others, They were brought from the Spanish cathedrals.

The National History Museum was selected for this presentation because besides being an emblematic space for the preservation of historical values, also meets the acoustic conditions for the songs can be heard properly. Admission to this activity is free but space is limited, so punctuality is recommended attendees.

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