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Baby Jesus.

Theft Report.

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Date of Theft: 3 November 2003

Place of Theft: Church of San Miguel de Capuchin.

Object Type: Religious Sculpture.

Material: Wood.

Technique: Carved.

Dimensions: Stop: 40 cms. Width: 23 cms. Background: 15 cms.

Title: Baby Jesus.

Topic: Religious

Period: XVIII Century

Author: Anonymous.

No Registration Code: 85.

DESCRIPTION: Sculpture carved wooden figure of the Child Jesus. Wears a cloth of purity (or blanket that covers her soft edge folds describing). Her legs intertwined, with the left forward. The abdomen slightly pronounced with two rolls (slices), between this and the chest, his left arm has contracted with fingers nearly closed from the front showing the back of the hand. The other arm is outstretched with the palm of the hand partially open and upward. Adopts this position because it is a God Child caresses the face of San Antonio de Padua. On the neck is a crease mark. His expression is serious. The hair ends in spikes on the front.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 33.

registrodebienes@hotmail.com and ObjectIDguate@hotmail.com



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