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. It is the wisdom and knowledge. It is the nawal of intelligence. It's good advice, as grandparents. It is the wisdom that comes from the Maker and Creator. It is also one of the Chargers of Time. Auspicious day to thank the knowledge and ask good thoughts.

He who is born under the influence of No'j will be smart, active and have good thoughts, long as you know how to use the energies of the day. It also means idea and wisdom. According to the Mayans no man is wise. Hence, man, to receive ideas and tips, should consult Ajaw through "xukulem" or Mayan ceremony. You can also make these consultations through tz'ite ', through the intermediation of Ajq'ij, to receive advice from grandparents. Within Mayan spirituality, man has ideas but no wisdom. Hence, it is important to join together in council and ideas and form a science. Our ancestors gathered in council under the protection of No'j.

No'j, is the day of wisdom. It is the day to make decisions in a particular way or in council. It is a day that helps the planning of a project and the guidelines to be followed in the conduct of the community and society in general. It is also the day that our thinking can have greater fluidity.

Spiritual function
Thank knowledge and ideas.
Thank intelligence.
Day to increase memory.
Day to seek good advice.

Characteristics of a person born in No'j:
Its origin is Toch and his fate is Kan.



  • He possesses much knowledge.
  • He's smart and is a director.
  • It can become scientist.
  • It is neat and creative.
  • It is just and humanistic.
  • Is good student.
  • It can become a good leader.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You can fall in pride.
  • It can be easily upset.
  • He struggles to make decisions.
  • Can be individualistic and selfish.

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