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New director of Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias"

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Charles Stuart Estrada González, Director of the Cultural Centre "Miguel Angel Asturias"

Authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, presented Carlos González Stuart Highway, as the new Director of the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias", position he assumed on Monday 3 March, ceremony held in the Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo".

In his new role, Estrada is responsible for Managing the National Theatre, as well as direct 118 people working in the organization.

Career and Academic Labor

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Music, undergraduate curriculum has closed in Business Administration and a Masters in Intellectual Property and Related Rights, has a Diploma in Public Management. He was Artistic Coordinator Festivals Groups and the General Directorate of Arts, Ministry of Culture and Sports. He is organizer and coordinator of the International Music Festival since 2009.

Part of the Festival Organizing Committee of the Historic Center, member of the Bureau of the World Cultural and Civic Center for, MCD representative to the OEI, Program in Theatre Education. He was responsible for the management of the Theater of Fine Arts in 2013.

Lifetime Achievement

In the scenic area has been director, actor, performer and composer, winning the Award for Theatrical Excellence for "Best Original Music" by the Municipality of Guatemala, Artwork by Yerma. He has participated in poetry contests, won an Honorable Mention and First Place in the AME.

He has performed in several countries, Central including, U.S., Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, In Germany and Italy, inter alia.

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