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West will host musicians symphonic bands


Guatemalan youth participate in Symphonic Band Meeting which will be held in the city of Totonicapan, the 25 to the 29 August next. The activity is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the support of Iberorquestas program and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. The objective of the meeting is to strengthen the educational level of the participants and future replicate the skills learned for the benefit of their peers.

The activities begin on 25 August with the opening of the meeting. The next day the musicians begin the training in which representatives of art schools located in several departments. These will be held in Quetzaltenango, where they will focus for academic preparation.

The meeting will end on 29 August with three concerts to be held in Totonicapán. The first is from the 10 hours in the park San Miguel; next to 14 hours at the National School of the West Regional and the last will be at 19 pm in the Municipal Theatre Totonicapán.


At the meeting of this year will benefit 57 gang members across the country. Also participating 14 bandleaders to strengthen their knowledge. Among the objectives is to provide mass movement symphonic bands in the country and provide the population alternative recreation and cultural entertainment.

Also, encourages the participation of young people in cultural groups, which benefits in the prevention of violence and crime, mainly in red areas of Guatemala. Participate Guatemalan and foreign exhibitors who have extensive experience in the field of symphonic bands. Also living with other musicians with similar genres strengthens its artistic and professional growth.

Each year academic activities such as this in which young people participate in arts education are made. In October a meeting of the American Youth Orchestra returning to Guatemala will be held after 5 years old. For this occasion La Antigua Guatemala and San Juan was chosen as venues Bishop Orchestra.

The repertoire will include works by authors such as Domingo Betancourt Guatemalans, Mendez and Palacios Rubelio Gumercindo. It will also take into account issues of universal culture as Holst Suite, the theme of the TV series Mission Impossible, Feast of Trumpets and the Solemn Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In honor of the workshop Panamanian and Honduran construed melodies arranged for band.

Culture, engine of development.

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