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Order “Ixim” on the International Day of Indigenous Peoples

Elena Damian Coché, Santiago Atitlán Mayan Professional, was recognized this day with the command "Ixim" merit, for excelling in recognizing and promoting Guatemala Plural State, which was granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD, as part of the commemoration of National and International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

Ixim order consists of a plate with two ears earrings representing a corn stalk and annotation of the Mayan calendar date. This order was instituted by the MCD in the year 2012, a proposal from the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

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The World Day of Indigenous Peoples is a result of an ancient struggle that indigenous peoples have been generating throughout history, to claim their rights. In 1994 declared this day, in honor of an Indian than a 9 August 1972 was for the first time in history,, lecture for claiming indigenous rights in the General Assembly of the United Nations, said Carlos Batzin, Minister.

It was attended by Otto Perez Molina, President and Roxana Baldetti, Vice, and special guests. On this day we celebrate the Day of Indigenous Peoples, we are pleased as government, join the celebrations, expressing the people of Guatemala that we are committed to working to promote a better country, with better opportunities and conditions for everyone.

They joined the commemorations, government institutions such as the Presidential Commission Against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala CODISRA, the Ministry of Education, Department of Peace, National Compensation Program PNR, Indigenous Women's Ombudsman and the Department of Physical Education DIGEF.


The President announced that soon you will be installing a Indian Cabinet, to promote development with identity, where public policies are culturally relevant, and that Guatemala needs to recognize this reality of cultural diversity.

CODISRA also awarded with No'j Oxlajuj surveys to 13 Highlights of indigenous peoples, as leaders Demecio Aguilar-Xinka-, Surama Lima-K'iche'-,; Irma Tzi, Juan Hernandez, authorities 48 Totonicapan cantons, Walter Zavala, Mario Geronimo, Luis Cana, Gloria and Nicholas Ventura Batzin. Also the Mayan Council of Kiches B'alam, Baisawa Garifuna group and the Brotherhood of St. Michael the Archangel, be promoters of cultural values.

Culture, engine of development!

Decree 24-2006 Act-National Day of the Peoples Guatemala

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