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Orchestra "Ruben Dario" by Guatemala Nicaragua tour

orquesta ruben dario277
orquesta ruben dario277

The National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara", was the venue for the concert of independence offered by the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Rubén Darío" of Nicaragua, completed the 11 this month.

This concert was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Directorate General of Arts. He also had the collaboration of Collective Cultural Pie Lana and the National Theatre of Nicaragua "Rubén Darío".

Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, thanked the Youth Orchestra for concerts in our country have made. He stressed that these concerts cultural exchange between the neighboring countries of Central America are encouraged.

The Orchestra "Rubén Darío" is touring in Guatemala conducting a series of concerts of traditional music from Nicaragua that was originally written to run on marimba. For series of presentations parts adapted to present chamber music. During his presentation Orchestra was accompanied by members of Ballet Folklorico "Macehualt" who gave a sample of the traditional dances of that country.

The Artistic Director of Ministry Formation, Sonia Juarez, he addressed the audience and congratulated the members of the Youth Orchestra to bring and share with other countries a little music and culture. Juárez also thanked the support given by the National Theatre of Nicaragua "Rubén Darío".

The tour of the Orchestra "Rubén Darío" ends this Friday 12, with a concert in the Park "San Sebastian" located on 6th Avenue, between 2nd and 3rd Street, area 1 Capital City, presentation will be open to the public and totally free.

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