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Symphony Orchestra Official Closing Season with Beethoven

The National Symphony Orchestra closed its Official Season with music by Ludwig van Beethoven. The last two presentations were made season Thursday 30 and Friday 31 October at the Great Hall “Efrain Recinos” Cultural Center “Miguel Angel Asturias” 9a with full symphony. The orchestra was directed by Colombian Gabriel Luis Biava.

The choral part was given by Symphonic Choir, with teacher preparation Julio Santos. As guests were solo singers Julia Pimentel (soprano) y Andrés Farrera (low) of Guatemala, and Mexican Belem Rodriguez (mezzo-soprano) Zelaya and Salvadoran Eliomin (tenor).

Beethoven Symphony 9a was complete last composer who wrote before his death. When it was released in May 1824 It was completely deaf, so he continued the work with a copy of the score. It is the first choral symphony in history, one of the schemes which the musician broke into his tunes. In the last movement, Beethoven included part of the poem “Ode to Joy” escritor del inglés Friedrich von Schiller.

Next Thursday 6 November, Orchestra will open the 17th Festival activities and Historical Center 11 will give a concert at the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala (CDAG). This year's symphonies were interpreted 1, 3, 5, 6 8 and 9 Beethoven, as well as other pieces that made their mark in the history of culture.

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