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National Symphony Orchestra music students about academic

From Monday 5 May, public and private educational institutions may attend the School Season of the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala, National Cultural Heritage, that aims to bring symphonic music to youth. The presentations will be in the auditorium of the National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara" from the 10 hours and is expected to be appreciated by each function 800 students, which is the maximum capacity of the venue.

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Marvin López, Chairman of the Board of OSN, expands the information of the activities of the Child Season.

The official opening will be held Tuesday 6 May, by officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and directors of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Educational institutions interested in attending should contact the office and request space Orchestra. Due to the free education, schools and public institutions should not request payment to students, while in the case of private institutions, the cost per student is Q25.00. For the first time night time opens to allow establishments afternoon session, afternoon and night have the opportunity to attend.

The program includes pieces from the classical repertoire. Among the composers Johann Strauss stresses is, who is known for his waltzes as the Blue Danube. Also popular pieces and soundtracks of movies like Star Wars will be presented. The duration of each concert is one hour and fifteen minutes, about.

The School Season will last 2 months and ends on Friday 27 June. The telephone number of the office is the Symphony Orchestra 22322167, where the establishments concerned can obtain more information and reserve your space to attend concerts.

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Alfredo Tay, Director General de las Artes, dio a conocer sobre  la temporada infantil de la OSN

Alfredo Tay, Director General of the Arts, released on infant season of OSN

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