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Symphony Orchestra joins the Lenten tradition

For the first, the Guatemala National Symphony Orchestra offers a concert performance of music pieces dedicated to Lent, as part of the activities promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Directorate General of Arts. The presentation was held on Thursday 26 March in the Great Hall "Efraín Recinos" Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias", and was driving teacher Ardany Marvin Lopez.

The solemn Lenten Concert, as it was called the program, featured the interpretation of themes of authors like Frederick Chopin, Miguel Zaltron Barzaghi, Santiago Coronado, Frank Shubert, Fray Miguel Murcia and Manuel Moraga.

It featured guest soloist Lisbeth Tiu (soprano) who played the track Ave Maria, de Franz Schubert. The Maestro Lopez said that "never before in the history of symphonic music was played funeral marches is important to recognize and especially thank the teachers and Ramiro Cesar Sazo Vivar for transcribing the orchestral adaptations of items, which may be interpreted by any symphony orchestra in the world ".

The concert is an opportunity for those who live this Lenten period with intensity and for those who want to discover that through music can find an oasis of spiritual retreat for the upcoming Easter.

The next "Lenten Concert" will be on Friday night 27 March at the National Conservatory of Music "German Alcántara", 3Th Ave. 4-61 Area 1.Boletos for sale at the box office of the conservatory.

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