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"National Palace meets 71 Years of History "

National Palace meets 71 years have been opened, full of details and stories that make it a true monument, This building serves as a museum and cultural center for national and foreign visitors, brings a wealth of artistic elements combined with architecture.

The 10 November 1943, the birthday 65 the then President of Guatemala Jorge Ubico, held the inauguration of the National Palace of Guatemala, known today as National Palace.

Widely regarded as the emblem of the Historical Center building, The National Palace is undoubtedly a jewel of architecture and fundamental part of the identity of the city of Guatemala.

Rodolfo Galeotti Torres, Alfredo Galvez and Carlos Rigalt, are some of the names of artists who recorded his style, in the decoration of the National Palace, the work of these talented artists surrounded by myths and controversies can be appreciated by visitors who daily receive this national icon.

Works engineers Rafael Perez de Leon, Angel Luis Enrique Riera and Rhodes, the "Aguacatón" commonly known as the National Palace has survived natural disasters, vandalism and neglect, situations that have contributed to its deterioration.

At the present Government, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Department of Conservation National Palace, has been conducting a series of restoration works primarily on the facade of the building as well as in the towers of the same.

According to Chief Architect Mohamed Estrada Department of Conservation, due to the deteriorating state of the Palace was necessary to make an inventory of the damage that has the property to begin with and restore due process to ensure the conservation of the building.

This important element of the cultural heritage of Guatemala, representing our country around the world, which makes us responsible for all Guatemalans its preservation for future generations.

This architectural wonder can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a 16:30 hours, during this time guided tours where recounts in great detail the history of the place are made, entry is free for nationals only need to present identification and foreign visitors entering with a contribution of Q40. 00.

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