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Pérez condecora a National Geographic

The President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez, honored at the National Geographic Society with the Order of the Quetzal in the degree of Grand Officer, by “invaluable” support given from 1910 to the diffusion of the Mayan civilization.

El presidente Otto Pérez condecoró a la asociación National Geographic con la Orden del Quetzal. Foto EFE/s21

President Otto Perez honored by National Geographic association with the Order of the Quetzal. Photo EFE/s21

During a ceremony held at the Hall of Flags National Palace of Culture, Pérez Molina, accompanied by his Foreign Minister Fernando Carrera, imposed the badge to the standard of the institution, who was represented by Vice President, Terry Garcia.

The president said in his speech that the award was in recognition of research and exploration of National Geographic, since 1910 showed their interest in the ancient Mayan culture.

In 1926, recalled, with a report that was called “Cradle of Maya Civilization” began to disclose the history of ancient and modern people of Guatemala.

Since then have been granted 130 Guatemalan archaeologists subsidies and foreign, which together with National Geographic have made 20 television documentaries, 80 reports and 10 books on the Maya, said.

Pérez Molina emphasized that the strategic alliance between Guatemala and the National Geographic Society has allowed to disclose the cultural and natural heritage of the Central American country.

For his part, Terry Garcia said the award was the “best gift” by 125 years who is serving National Geographic.

“What better celebration and best gift to receive this award”, Garcia reiterated, to remember that from the beginning Guatemala has played an important role in raising awareness of the culture of the Maya.

“We are very proud to support archaeological research of the Mayan civilization”, said, and revealed that on Wednesday signed with the Cultural and Natural Heritage Foundation Maya (Pacunam), a letter of understanding to support research in the Maya Biosphere.

Garcia also said that National Geographic is committed to contributing to attack the looting of the Maya legacy products, and urged the international community to join this support.

“The XXI century will be the era of exploration for all humanity because there are still mysteries to discover and National Geographic made this work”, concluded.

(Source: Century 21)

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