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Institutional response plan governed Ministry security

Plan Institucional de Respuesta_4784
Plan Institucional de Respuesta_4784

Employees and officials of the Ministry of Culture and Sports took part in the socialization of the Institutional Response Plan. This time he had workers DG Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures. The workshop was held in the lounge Ab'aj Tak'Alik National Palace of Culture

In the activity brigades first aid and evacuation, groups are responsible for the security of the facility in the event of a disaster. Drills, trainings and know the vulnerable places are tools to help in times of emergency. Representatives of the brigades are responsible for giving guidance and support to staff in case of a disaster.

Mariela Alejandra Morata, Associate Planning Ministry of Culture and Sport said "It is important to socialize the information that is in the Institutional Response Plan and sensitize to have extensive knowledge of how to act in case of emergency".

Another issue was that the participants discussed the importance of helping their peers at the time of an earthquake or any eventuality in the workplace

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