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Plato Policromo

Report theft. OID # 164



Date of Theft: 16 June 2011

Location of Theft: Kilometer 304 Guatemala-Flores road, Petén.

Object Type: Vessel

Matterthe: Ceramics

Technique: Modeling

Dimensions: Stop: 10 cms. Diameter: 34 cms.

Title: Plato Policromo

Topic: Archaeological

Periodsthe: Protoclásico (200 d. C. – 300 d. C.).

Origin: Archaeological Site Nakum

Author: Cultura Maya


Plato policromo (black, Red on cream). Rounded lip, convergent straight wall, moldura medial, convex base, annular support. As decoration: black outer lip, staggered rectangular designs in red and black horizontal framed by two black perimeter lines (one above and one below), molding in a number of designs in the form of semicircles formed with black lines, in such a way color black filled circle. The black inner lip, orange interior walls. Condition: regular, cracked with missing in the molding, maimed support.


Not. Registration

Report: Register of Cultural Property / OID # 164







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