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Presentation “The dream of peace”, Miguel Angel Sandoval


From cover: In The dream of peace, Miguel Angel Sandoval presents his memories and insight on the political process leading to the rounds of Madrid 1987 and the consequences immediately following, to what he considers "a new era" around mid- 1988 Central workshops developed with the political work under the new diplomatic. It has been written based on personal memories, working the brief notes taken along 1987 and 1988, in contemporary political reporting, well as some foreign press cuttings.

Says the author: "It is for this meeting, yes, as data for the history of the search for peace process in Guatemala, for the first time the guerrillas and government-army we publicly in a friendly country. Something so rough Guatemalan process was clearly unthinkable by the parties. Neither guerrilla militancy considered this situation as possible, watched the military or within their different scenarios. To the extent that months or years later, peers interested in the process that had opened in Madrid, We wondered in amazement, if they had shaken hands with the military, while government politicians members of the delegation, death threats accompanied them some time. Perhaps the impact that this first meeting. "

Sandoval, Michelangelo. The dream of peace. The start of dialogue between government and guerrilla. Guatemala: F&G Editores, Newspaper, 1a. edition. xii 264 págs. 13.3 x 20.9 cms. ISBN: 978-9929-552-76-0. Paperback. US$19.00. Q.100.00.

Biography of Miguel Sandoval


Miguel Angel Sandoval. Guatemalan. It began as a social activist in the student struggles in the sixties of the twentieth century. It was among the first armed resistance groups in urban. Years later, joined the founding group of the Guerrilla Army of the Poor. Among clandestine exile and returns to the country, studied sociology in France. In the eighties, was part of the Political Commission of the insurgency Diplomatic and participated in peace talks.

He has been a columnist in The Newspaper, Free press, Journal of Central, Debate de URNG, periodicals and electronic media, national and international. Directs the television program "Good Morning – Good night ", from VEA Canal. He has published several books.

In order to promote the peace accords worked CALDH, well as other organizations such as the Agrarian Platform. Parliamentary Counsel in various periods and guest lecturer for municipalities, universities and associations in the country. He was also a university professor and consultant to national and international institutions.

In 2007 presidential candidate for the left.

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