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Official Presentation of the book "20 Years of the AECID in Tikal"

Portada del libro presentado.

Bookcover submitted.

Day 26 the official presentation of this book was made "20 years of AECID in Tikal", This document was presented by the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry Of Culture and Sports, Rosa Maria Chan and HE Ambassador of Spain in Guatemala, Manuel champs.

The book takes us through the research, restoration and conservation of one of the most important Maya cities in Mesoamerica. It is a log of the work team comprising the Spanish Cooperation and the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the past 20 years old.

Manuel champs, said he felt proud of the work done by the AECID in conjunction with the MCD for these 20 years of collaboration, meanwhile the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage said that this book represents the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two countries. He also stressed the importance of this book is specifically Tikal Maya as this city is an icon that represents us before the rest of the world.

La Dra. Vilma Fialko, the Gk. Rafael Chang, el Lic. Oswaldo Gomez and Arq. Luis Mozas, co-authors of the book made a presentation detailing each respectively different projects during this time in Tikal.

According to the authors of the book "20 Years of the AECID in Tikal", this book is a testament not only to researchers and experts, but for the whole country rich in culture.

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