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Presented to the First National Orchestra Children

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Infaltil_6293
Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Infaltil_6293

Today, was presented at the National Conservatory of Music Germán Alcántara, the first National Orchestra of children in Guatemala, which is organized by the Directorate-General of Arts, Ministry of Culture and Sports and Youth Program Iberorquestas, program which is part of the Ministry since 2010.

The goal of the National Children's Orchestra of Guatemala is to develop a process of training and implementation of artistic and musical resources for teachers and students, in search of musical quality improvement programs in children of different musical centers of the country, through the exchange of methodologies and contents.

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Infaltil_6274We believe that the National Children's Orchestra of Guatemala is a fertile ground to plow, as we are seeing renowned children 6 a 14 years are daring to play with incredible sensitivity, we have Joshua Osorio (9) on the piano, you are playing classical music universal, which is a prelude to the concert will be on Sunday 24 November, indicó Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

The orchestra includes children between 6 a 14 years old and currently are running a musical instrument belonging to the families of rope, viento y metal, wood and percussion with the special invitation of two Salvadoran bassists.

The selection of these children was done through an open call. As received 105 auditions in the different municipalities and departments and were chosen by a jury, 60 children.

After auditions, the new members of the Children's Orchestra were prepared by renowned masters such as Vinicio Quezada, Hector Castro, Ivon Reyna and a number of Guatemalans who are finding the task of training the Guatemalan children and youth.

The new Children's Orchestra is also participating in a music camp from 19 November, until the day of the presentation debut, will be on Sunday 24, at the National Conservatory of Music, to have improvement with the Suzuki method, An innovative method of music in Latin America.

They are also attending this camp, teachers of different orchestral string kernels, receiving educational workshops and musical pedagogy applied to children, instruction and the Suzuki Method.

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Infaltil_6218

Joshua Osorio (9) plays the piano and is an alumnus of the National Conservatory of Music from Germán Alcántara 5 years old.

Sunday 24 the debut concert of the National Children's Orchestra is conducted, so are cordially invited to attend: Place: National Music Conservatory Germán Alcántara, Time: 10 a.m. Free admission!

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