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Release Report Easter in Antigua Guatemala


In a forum held the evening of 27 August in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, presented the study "Easter in Antigua Guatemala", Satellite performed by Group, comprised of professionals from different disciplines including cultural managers and economists.

According to Julio Solorzano, coauthor of the report, one of the objectives of this study is to prove that culture is a key determinant of economic strengthening of the country factor, and help to rebuild the social fabric of the population.

Easter is an event that unites different religion with particular artistic Guatemala. An example is the ephemeral art of carpets made of different materials, which is something that does not happen in Seville and Cordova, Spanish regions where similar studies have been conducted to Antigua Guatemala, Luisa Fernanda Gonzalez stressed, another study director.


Gonzalez said the field work for this study was conducted in the Easter of the year 2011 and 2012 through surveys, showed that the 60% of people who come to the Colonial for that date are national, contrary to the belief that most are European or American tourists. On a smaller scale Central American tourists are the minority and that is between the 10 and 15% of respondents are American and European.

The study was presented to the community of Antigua Guatemala and the general population. The event was attended Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports, who said that the importance of this study in particular, is disclosing specifics of what Easter represents economically for our country.

According to economist Mario García Lara, collaborator in the study, Antigua Guatemala during Holy Week, generated approximately 673 million quetzals, which shows that cultural diversity is a factor Guatemala strengthener for the economy of our country.

Culture, engine of development!

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