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They present technical report of the incident in Cultural Center

In relation to recent events in the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center (CCMAA) in which urban motocross event was held, the Ministry of Culture and Sports reports:

That after the technical and administrative evaluations, by the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties (DECORBIC), of the Cultural and Natural Heritage and the Vice Minister of Culture, could be determined as follows:

It technically was found that the product of the sport, caused damage to the building structure particularly audible access CCMAA, by the entry of Sixth Avenue. Found lubricant stains, on stage at the Open Air Theatre "Otto René Castillo", tire tread and caused considerable damage to vegetation and gardens.

On the administrative side was found that the Director authorized sporting activity, though not its functions nor in the regulation of the use of facilities CCMAA. In this case it was found that there was abuse of authority of the Director of Theatre and dereliction of duty that resulted in damage to property.

It was also determined that the Municipality of Guatemala exceeded and abused the authority granted by the director of the Cultural Center, further that overlooked a heritage of this nature can not be compromised for any reason.

In this situation has been determining, that today:

  • Hereby removed from office Director CCMAA.
  • That a report be submitted, to the Public Prosecutor, against the former director of the National Theatre and project coordinator, of the Municipality of Guatemala City and others who are found involved in the crime.
  • That appropriate steps had been taken to proceed to restore damaged areas CCMAA.

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