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Paper presented "Introduction to Method Yuri Knorosov"

Dra. Ershova presentando su libro “Introducción al método Yuri Knórosov”.

Pull. Ershova presenting his book "Introduction to Yuri Knorosov method".

Today, la Dra. Galina Ershova presented at the National Palace of Culture his work entitled "Introduction to Yuri Knorosov method". La Dra. Ershova was a pupil of the great Russian scientist Knorosov, who deciphered in the 1950s Maya Hieroglyphic Writing.

She is the author of 11 books already had their reissues and digital versions. The book is presented in Guatemala is an enlarged edition of his manual epigraphy, published a few years ago in Russia.

La Dra. Ershova is President of the Russian-Guatemalan Maya Center studies Yuri-Knorosov (CEMYK), that operates in Guatemala since 2012, institution that coordinates and collaborates with the Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Currently working on the construction of an Atlas Epigraphic and as part of the commitments agreed between both institutions this work is presented.

libro epigrafia maya_9105

At a press conference at the National Palace of Culture, la Dra. Ershova presento su work. Dr. Lee accompanies. María Rosa Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural.

What we have is the extension of the manual epigraphy. It is important to review and dissemination of this book for Guatemalans, we are the inheritors of the Mayan culture. Is the diffusion of Classic Maya language and make it available to Guatemalans in general, said Rosa Maria Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural.

Ershova is also Director of the Center for Mesoamerican Studies of the Russian State University of Humanities, where since 1998 investigations are carried out in the area of ​​Maya epigraphy.

People who read this book will begin to learn how to read Mayan writing. The sign must be recognized in a sentence, finished watching the whole sentence, understand how each sign is read and then passed to the translation ... great way to do this from reading to translate what he says Mayan phrase and then explain why it still reads well, do grammar analysis, all in accordance with the rules of the Mayan language, andDr. Xpress. Galina Ershova.

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