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Presented Paper on Miscegenation Boliviano


As part of the inauguration of the Regional Forum V Esquipulas, "Towards a New Model of Economic and Social Development for the Region" presidents of the region of Central and South America appointment for the presentation of the book "The Mermaid and the Charango Essay on Mestizaje" were given by Carlos Mesa, President of Bolivia in the period 2003-2005. The activity was held last 18 August, in the Hall of Flags, National Palace of Culture and was attended by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin.

This publication is an essay that addresses the issue of cultural mixing of Bolivia and progress in inclusion and participation of Indigenous Peoples, following a series of events that occurred in that country, which reached its peak with the election of the first indigenous president of South America, Evo Morales, and consolidation of the concept of plurinational state.

Speaking Vinicio Cerezo, president of Guatemala in the period 1986 a 1991, expressed: I want to thank the Minister of Culture Carlos Batzin, for giving us this space for the experience of Bolivia described in "The Mermaid and the Charango". Guatemala and Bolivia have many similarities and this book reflects a reality that we as Guatemalans are required to know because that happened in Bolivia is a pending task in Guatemala ".

Closing remarks were made by the Minister of Culture Carlos Batzin, the official said: "These statements make me safely say that there are alternatives of life where we build together, and I thank President Carlos Mesa by sharing these ideas in his book and we have nothing else to know and put them into practice".

Carlos Mesa and a writer and journalist, It was one of the Bolivian presidents taking the first critical steps for effective transformation of political and social structures for participation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia.

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