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Introduce new means of cultural dissemination

During the course of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Sports fulfilled its mission, strengthen and disseminate the different artistic and cultural expressions that enrich the culture of our country and this day, officially launched the new magazine Matiz Cultural and Cross-Cultural Encounter Magazine Radio.

Both magazines have the cooperation of professionals working in the ministry, guests, knowledgeable and Guatemalan culture bearers. The journal Cultural Matiz, with a circulation of 3 thousand 500 copies, came to light in November and has been distributed internally and free museums, Conservatories, art schools, houses of culture and friends of the MCD.

This magazine has the following sections: Segments of opinion, epigraphy, space devoted to national writers, reports, the route of the Baktunes, agenda cultural, Our recreation and.

Radio magazine Encounter Between Cultures is the result of collaboration between the MCD and Radio W (TGW). This radio magazine is a space for dialogue, specially dedicated to art, culture, sport and recreation. It is transmitted in the 107.3 FM, Thursdays at 20 hrs.

As speakers are Clariza Castellanos, Carolina Chinchilla, Oscar Canel, Julio Vasquez, Juan José Barrios Hamilton Chiriz y. Segments that have are: Live the Story, Returning to Our Roots Maya, Makers of Culture, Cápsula Informative, Cultural Contact, The Value of Values, Linguistics and Literary Wealth Tips.

Two bodies of important information not only for the Ministry of Culture and Sports but also for the cultural sector of our country, and that following the provisions of the National Cultural Policy and Sports, especially the Policy Support for Social Creativity and Social Communication, the ministry presents these two media, dijo Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports expects these initiatives, continue to promote culture in Guatemala.

The Culture, engine of development!

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