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“Meeting project presented children with theater”

In Guatemala recently started, the project "MEETING OF CHILDREN WITH THEATRE", sponsored by the Organization of American States OEI, in coordination with the Ministries of Culture and Sports and Education.

The project will involve one thousand 500 children in 17 pre-primary schools located in the historic center of the capital and surrounding the Theater of Fine Arts (Elena Avenue 15 Street area 1). It aims to promote theater in school, through workshops with teachers, children.

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It is a pilot project, but has the mission to leave the country radiating, with plays that key aim to reduce levels of discrimination and bullying practice dijo Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

The ministries are supporting the initiative OEI, convinced that the presence of art in education, through art education and art, contributes decisively to the development of children and youth, while boosting dialogue and social cohesion.

The key and fundamental to the joint program in Guatemala actor is the Fine Arts Theatre. Through this theater will be made and implemented each of the actions and the program will be implemented in this country.

The project focuses on the one hand, to promote the enjoyment and development of theater in children. Also, strengthens teacher training, that through art they can contribute to the development of artistic skills in their students.

Andl theater is an experience, not a knowledge acquired, but a lifetime experience, is very good, especially with children. It's a good way to take ownership of the messages and the tools, Express Flora Ramos, Director of the play "When the Sun Moon despised", which will be attended by the children from the schools.

The plays help impress upon ideas and thoughts so unforgettable. The game, dramatization, music and songs, constitute the main activity in the early development.

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Teachers must allow in the classroom the children imagine and be creative. This activity will promote the learning of social values ​​such as respect, solidarity and collaboration.

With this initiative the young students of drama schools belonging will also strengthen the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the completion of a learning process through workshops conducted with specialists in drama.

Culture, engine of development!


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