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First Zumba Challenge Nationwide

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Zumba Demo.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation is pleased to announce that it will support the ombudsmen to Zumba Fitness facilities in Campus Martius, area 5, takes place the First Challenge Zumba nationwide, Friday 21 March from the 19:00 hours.

This event is free, seeks to involve all Zumba instructors and students of the country, and give continuity to the classes taught in Erick Barrondo Park and Campus Martius.

It is the first year that this challenge is done in order to interact with instructors nationwide and leaving new instructors”, Juan José Nájera referred, Zumba instructor.

In the final part 12 instructors and students who came together to elect a previous round.

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Cristofer Lopez, Director Substantive Areas.


The Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation supports all those non-federated and non-school activities that promote recreation for a good living and therefore, we support zumba instructors, with facilities Champ de Mars which is where the end of the challenge will take place”, comments Kitts Lopez, director Substantive Areas.






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