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First meeting of the Board of Ajq'ijab 'of the Maya people and Xinka

reunión del Consejo de Ajq’ijab’ del pueblo Maya y Xinka_0961
reunión del Consejo de Ajq’ijab’ del pueblo Maya y Xinka_0961

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures held the first meeting of the Board of Ajq'ijab 'this 19, 20 and 21 March, with the participation of 18 Time Counters and Technical Director of Citizen Participation, Ana Francisca Pérez.

As part of the commemoration of Oxlajuj B'aktun Year 2012, the first National Meeting was held Ajq'ijab ' (Time Counters), was a forum for dialogue between local and traditional authorities in order to define proposals to promote the integral development of indigenous peoples. As a result of the first meeting was installed the Provisional Council Ajq'jab '.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports initiated a process of accompaniment of Accountants Time to contribute in strengthening participation and influence in different cultural and spiritual practices of indigenous peoples. This meeting provided an analysis and dialogue on the organization of the Council and better contextualize their operation.

Ana Francisca Pérez, Technical Director of Citizen Participation mentioned "The Ajq'ijab 'are essential to continue the dissemination of knowledge and inherited legacy of ancestral knowledge, so their participation and influence in decision-making is fundamental primary, the Ministry of Culture and Sports is in the position to support the processes of the National Council of Ajq'ijab 'and further strengthen the spiritual practices ".

"There are stages in life that we are gradually moving, and today we find much more experience, the importance of being Ajq'ij is carrying great values ​​and principles that our grandparents taught us, "said Carlos Moran exponent in the first meeting.

In this activity, participants shared experiences as Ajq'ijab ', They worked in groups and distinguish the strengths that each enriching the Council, They also discussed the organization have in their activities this year.

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