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Princes of Japan walking park Tikal

Thursday morning 2 October, government officials accompanied the visit of representatives of the Japanese people to Tikal National Park, in Petén. The route of Akishino and his wife Kiko was led by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi who was on the tour that made the squares and structures that make up the city of Tikal.

In Tikal runs a center for research and conservation of Cultural Heritage, which I erected by Japanese cooperation. In this room you can see archaeological discoveries and concentrated technical studies performed by researchers Site.

During the tour he told the chief about the way of life of the ancient Maya who inhabited the Petén region two thousand years ago. Besides the reasons why this city is the most important of the whole legacy of the Mayan culture and the efforts that the Government of the Republic done to preserve the ruins and monuments indicated.

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