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Cooperation Program TÃ © technique and Economica India (ITEC)

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banner cursos en la india

The Economic and Technical Cooperation Programme in India (ITEC) was released 15 September 1964, as a bilateral program of assistance of the Government of India. It is the flagship program of the Government of India, not only for its wide geographical coverage, but also for innovative forms of assistance. Being essentially bilateral nature, ITEC seeks cooperation for mutual benefit. Works based on demand and is focused on generating results. Also, engages in addressing the needs of developing countries.

Under the ITEC and its corollary SCAAP (Special Assistance Programme of the Commonwealth for Africa), 158 Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe are invited to share development experience acquired India since independence. It has six main components, namely. (I) Training (civil and defense) India candidates ITEC partner countries, (ii) The projects and activities related to the project, such as feasibility studies and consultancy services; (iii) Provincial Council of Indian experts abroad; (iv) Study tours; ( in) Gifts / Equipment Donation, and (we) Aid for disaster relief. Training programs have contributed to capacity building and human resource development in many parts of the world. El ITEC / SCAAP program is a visible symbol of India's role and contribution given to South-South aid.

ITEC and other forms of cooperation

Guatemala is a country from ITEC partner 1997-98. The number of places is ITEC for Guatemala 15.

The Government of India, in an effort to contribute to capacity building in Guatemala, established a training center at the University of San Carlos in August 2006. Tata Communications Services (TCS) published this IT Centre until July 2008. He was given training about 1.500 Guatemalans before being handed over to the Guatemalan.

A grant of U.S. $ India 50.000 on drugs then gave Hurricane Stan in October 2005. The Indian Don 36 Bajaj tricycle October 2005, and November 2009, in response to the statement of the Government of Guatemala Food Insecurity, India has provided assistance of $ 250.000.

In response to the need for reconstruction and assistance required to overcome the damage caused by the earthquake and seeks to strengthen the ties between India and Guatemala, the Government of India He offered financial assistance to Guatemala by the amount of one hundred thousand dollars (US$ 100,000) and support to disaster. In a ceremony at the National Palace of Culture the day 3 May 2013, S.E. el Señor S. Bhattacharjee, Indian Ambassador to Guatemala, Simba presented a check to S.E ³ lico. Ms. Roxana Baldetti, Vice President of the Republic of Guatemala.

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