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Ministry of Culture and Sports Program offers college lecture

Substantive Areas program "Inclusion and coexistence" of the Directorate General of Sport and Recreation, Ministry of Culture and Sports gave a talk on social projection for the prevention of violence to students of the University Rafael Landivar. Representatives of the Ministry attended Wednesday 4 February at this university to offer students the conference the first half of psychology.

The issue is linked to university course Cultural Anthropology, specifically with the theme culture of violence. In the academic year project topics on living, eradication of violence and the importance of social projection.

Ministry representatives discussed the methodology for the eradication of violence in a more social way, alternatives focused on sport, recreation and physical activity. Meanwhile the teacher of the course Marcelo Colusi, indicated the importance of prevention of violence and stressed that activities like this help to prevent any form of violence.

The activities of the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation also include workshops, lectures awareness and outreach.

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