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"Together Against Hunger"

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To celebrate National Artist (27), World Day of the paste (25), and the day the chef (20), several institutions announced this day, an activity that will take place on Sunday 27 October in the Campus Martius, in which there tasting averaging paste 15 thousand, artistic activities and playgrounds, all free.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCD), Pasta La Moderna, Technical Institute for Training and Productivity (INTECAP), Pan American Forum Culinary Arts and Professional SESAN, are joined this time by a noble cause, that is to raise awareness about the problems of malnutrition in the country and promote the consumption of pasta.

The activity is scheduled from the 9 a.m., beginning with a march around the Champ de Mars, who will be participating in world-class chefs and over 100 INTECAP cooks, they are also those who prepare different pasta recipes will be served that day, therefore invites the general public to join the march.

It will be an activity for the whole family, that will feature local artists, playground, paints caritas, giant slides, ensemble of marimbas, spinning classes, Zumba and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Mixco and Santa Catarina Pinula, among other arts, besides the Mayan ball game, said Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

Pasta La Moderna will make an initial donation to the village Tables, Chiquimula village located on high rates of malnutrition in the 2012 the Ministry of Culture visited and supported, Guatemalans waiting to come to contribute more. This also will give recognition to several national young artists.

“When the kitchen, art and heart melt
you create the perfect recipe.”



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