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Promoverán regional culture centroamericana

The integration of the Central American countries continues and cultural level as part of progress, Tuesday 27 August a discussion was held to present the reality of the Central American Integration Cultural Policy (PCIC). The collective discussion was held in the Hall of Ministers of Culture and Sports of the National Palace of Culture to representatives of the media.

The event was chaired by Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, the Director General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, Everardo Chuc; Maria Eugenia Paniagua, General Secretary of the Central American Educational and Cultural Coordination (CECC/SICA) and Milena Carvajal Rivera, Taiwan Project Technical Assistant.

"Culture is what we are, is our values, is the idiosyncrasies of a people, is the best tool for integration with education ", Maria Eugenia Paniagua said during his speech.

The IPPC is the basis to build action plans short, medium and long term, for assembly of a regional cultural policy. At the end of the discussion group raised project proposals to strengthen the culture of each country and the region's collective.

The proposals covered topics such as:

  • Common cultural heritage
  • Intercultural Communication.
  • Citizenship and Culture.
  • Innovation and Institutional Development.
  • Economy, creativity and culture.
  • Education for the intercultural.

The generation of a cultural policy will unify the efforts of the Central American states in cultural development, which will greatly benefit the generation identity and regional tourism, inter alia.

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