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Promueven Tikal como principal destino turístico nacional

The Tikal National Park, situado en el corazón de la selva del departamento de Petén, es uno de los sitios arqueológicos urbanos más grandes de la civilización Maya.

El complejo que data del Siglo IV a.C., It is wrapped in a sumptuous landscape, Surrounded by vast natural wealth that served his people and wall protection. It reached its peak in the Classic period; during which he mastered much of the Maya region in Mesoamerica.

It was abandoned around Century X, and he fell into oblivion, surrounded by jungle flora, until its rediscovery in 1848. The National Park was created in 1955, and in 1979, was declared Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Each year, some 150,000 international tourists (mainly Germans and Americans) and 100,000 national, visit the National Park. However, July to September, that figure diminishes because it is offseason visits. (The most visited by foreign tourists months are the months of December and January, and the most visited by domestic tourists months are December and April)

Currently you have activated a promotion plan to promote tourist destinations especially the archaeological sites of Peten and be able to inject during the low tourism project governing visits and grow the industry in these times.

"The advocacy work focuses on travel agencies and tourist guides. Material is delivered consisting of photographs, leaflets and flyers to publicize the tourist destinations of the nation ". Expressed, Pedro showers, ex director del Inguat.

For the Ministry of Culture and Sport is important to support through the Cultural and Natural Heritage together with other institutions, national and international tourists looking for with this guide visitors on where to stay, find food with the best value and guidance on the route to your destination, provide an unforgettable experience during your stay.

Promoting domestic tourism

In Guatemala, Most people choose international destinations to enjoy your holiday ignoring national tourist sites. Por esta razón se debe exhortar a los guatemaltecos a que conozcan lo nuestro antes de viajar al extranjero y de esta forma promover los sitios turísticos de gran valor cultural con los que cuenta el país.

For this, debe existir también una campaña que fomente el orgullo del territorio nacional y sus orígenes, para que los padres trasladen a sus hijos dicho sentimiento.

En el primer semestre de 2015, Guatemala obtuvo ingresos de 772.6 millones de dólares por concepto de turismo. Teniendo un ligero aumento en comparación al mismo periodo el año pasado.

Es importante aprovechar cada uno de los destinos turísticos naturales y urbanos que posee el país. Por su importancia histórica y majestuosa ubicación, Tikal is an essential destination in Guatemala tourist routes.

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