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Coming, Moving the Mayan Calendar

One idea that was generated in the year of 1,993 will materialize this year B'aktun Oxlajuj, which involves the creation of a monument which is set to display a clock consisting of rotating disks to keep track of time while conventional counting the sacred count of the Mayan calendar, Cholq'ij.

Calendario maya

Coming, Moving the Mayan Calendar

In the Square of the Constitution, trade between the portal and the source is located a trail of 9 meters high, Tempered glass elaborate embossed within which teachers reflect artistic work Guatemalans. The base of the trail will be of cement and on top is placed the clock machinery which is currently underway in Germany. This project comes to life with the signing of a cooperation agreement for public-private partnerships in culture was changing with the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ, which was signed on Wednesday 8 August by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin; Ambassador of Germany, Thomas Schaeler and the representative of GIZ, Lothar RAST, who jointly made a commitment between the Governments of Guatemala and Germany for the cosmogonic thought, supporting the recovery of the Mayan culture and the promotion and respect between human beings.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Carlos Batz stated that 21 December, day that the Mayan calendar marks the end and beginning of a new era, it is expected to unveil the monument. The total project cost is 7 million quetzals, of which about 4.5 million financed by GIZ. As reported by the Minister, for the rest of the funding is being performed between fundraising International Development Bank IDB, World Bank WB, the Municipality of Guatemala and Cementos Progreso, those interested in supporting the project.

For next year it plans to create a factory assembly clocks and desktop jade inlays, wood and patterned, thus generating a source of employment in Guatemala.

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