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Next destination on the trail Oxlajuj B'aktun "Kaminaljuyú"

The Mayan Calendar is ticking and every day that passes is closer to the time announced by our ancestors, which marks the end and beginning of a new era. As part of the activities carried 21 of each month to commemorate the arrival of Oxlajuj B'aktun, next Tuesday 21 August the Ministry of Culture and Sports held an event in the first city in the highlands "Kaminaljuyu" a sacred place for contemporary Maya spirituality where they perform rituals to communicate with the Creator and Maker Ajaw.

Kaminaljuyu is a word K'iche 'meaning: "Hill of the Dead", named for Antonio Villacorta 1936. In this site found graves and vases and other pieces that once put as offerings to the tombs.

From dawn to dusk, Maya will be a ceremony attended by spiritual leaders from various parts of the country, for permission to grandmothers and grandfathers Maya to make a range of cultural and artistic activities, including Maya Ballgame. One purpose of the activity is to promote the cultural wealth that counts Guatemala City, Kaminaljuyu it is the first city in the highlands that had initially 200 mounds and yet only now are preserved 33, which 12 are within the perimeter of Kaminaljuyu. The hours of operation are 8:30 a 16:30 hours, moons has domingo. Inside of it there is a small museum which exhibits replicas of pieces that were found in the different periods: Pre-Classic, Early Classic and Late Classic.

Próximo destino en la ruta Oxlajuj B´aktun “KAMINALJUYU”

Next destination on the trail Oxlajuj B'aktun "Kaminaljuyú"

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