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Indigenous building alliances

This day, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Education and the Presidential Commission Against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala CODISRA, are reporting the activities jointly will be taking place to commemorate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples National, to be held next 09 August.

"Indigenous Peoples Building Partnerships" is the theme 2013, to honor the treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements, with which you want to emphasize the importance of the agreements between the states, citizens and indigenous peoples, establishing a framework for coexistence and economic relations.

In Guatemala the activities will begin from Wednesday 7 August, with the development of the first National Indigenous Congress, which has as its central theme the attack against racism and discrimination.

Also, the 8 August will be a Mayan Ceremony Jiyu Kaminal Center, area 7, Guatemala City, from the 5 in the morning. Later, in the Plaza of the Constitution will develop an Expo-selling Cultural Expressions, a food festival, the mystic Mayan Ball Game and performances of the Maya and Garifuna, from the 10 in the morning.

For 9 August at the National Conservatory of Music “Germán Alcántara”, will be a tribute to outstanding, with the delivery of the Order Ixim and Oxlajuj No'j, granting the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Presidential Commission Against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala CODISRA.

pueblos indigenas

The honorees are 15 leaders and leaders that have been identified with indigenous peoples, _ejercicio especially towards the full, free and sovereign rights of their people.

For his part, the Ministry of Education, as part of this celebration, performed various cultural activities which highlights the conference on "ancestral knowledge in the national education system", to be taught the 8 August, in the Hall of Flags at the National Palace of Culture, to 10:30 in the morning.


The 23 December 1994, General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 49/214 established the 9 August as the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, during the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People (1995-2004).
In 2004 Assembly proclaimed the Second International Decade, the 2005 to the 2015 the subject: A Decade for Action and Dignity, while in Guatemala the 1 August 2006, with decree 24-2006, was established 9 August as National Day of Indigenous Peoples, according to the international resolution.

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Decree 24-2006 Law on the National Day of the Peoples Guatemala

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