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This is an auspicious day for prayers that are made relative to corn and to give thanks to the deity of the earth, by the maize crop.

Q’anil: It is the nawal of crops. He who is born on this day is good farmer. We must find this both for planting and for harvesting corn.

Q’anil: It symbolizes the four colors of maize in Mesoamerica existing: red, black, white and yellow. The four skin colors of humanity. The four corners of the universe. On this day asks good harvest. It is the day the farmer.

It is the day of fertilization and germination.

It means

  • Nawal from Seed.
  • germination of all living beings.
  • Day of the construction of the first corn grandparents.

Potential Strengths of those born on this day

  • Fortunate in raising animals or crops
  • Very fertile having children
  • They are good traders
  • Signs often have intense energy in your body
  • Extremely intelligent
  • They like to talk, discuss, read out, write
  • Amateurs exercise or dance
  • Complex mind
  • They are interested in details

Possible Weaknesses

  • Suffering from headache, Colds
  • They could destroy your own home
  • Incredulous
  • They believe in their imagination
  • Regularly are nervous
  • They can be cowards
  • Self-destructive
  • Avoid the heavy responsibilities
  • Likely to acquire vices related stimulants
  • Very aggressive, Angry
  • The times are obsessive, compulsive
  • They get to where they are not called
  • Proud
  • They tend to be selfish


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