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Perform Group Exhibition at ENAP

Authorities of the National School of Plastic Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla", inaugurated a collective exhibition entitled "5 Styles 1 Passion ", which integrates approximately 20 paintings with different themes. The activity was held last 19 September, in the gallery "Enrique Acuña", School of said.

"5 Styles 1 Passion ", refers to a variety of projects that have common elements as love and passion, each of exhibitors has, capture on canvas the feelings and ideals.

The artists participating in this show are Fernando Duarte, Otto Paredes Jaqueline and Normans. Each, has a different experience, a different training and a particular style of translating his talent on the canvas.

It should be noted that this event, has the participation of Ruth Santos and Alex Normans, sophomores paint ENAP. Both have their own style and with the other, create a rich color proposal, textures, techniques and motivations.

The exhibition will be open to the public 19 to the 26 September 14:00 a 17:30 hours, free entry.

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