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Perform Educational Workshops in San Marcos

The Department of Sport and Recreation -DGDR-, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Deportivo held a Workshop, who joined classes and Fut ball Basket Ball for children and youth. Similarly, Tai Chi classes were held for elderly people. This activity was held last 21 August, in the community room of the municipality of Rodeo, department of San Marcos.

The event was attended by approximately 200 children and 300 elderly people. Sports classes for children and youth, was given by specialized teachers, of Sports Academies, the -DGDR-. Also, Tai Chi classes were taught by instructors of the program of that Senior Management.

The purpose of these actions, is to create spaces for recreation and healthy living, for the Guatemalan population, through sports. Another objective is to convey the basic knowledge to participants on the skill being taught, well as the benefits to health such disciplines.

The activity was attended by provincial government authorities, and the Municipality of the town, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Organization of Ibero -OEI-.

This is the third workshop implemented by the Ministry of Culture, through its various agencies. The previous two were held in the municipalities of Malacatán and Tacaná, in the department of San Marcos. The next Workshop, will be held on 22 August in the town of San Pablo, always in the same department.


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