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Recital of sacred music opens Holy Week celebrations

An emotional concert held on Thursday 10 April at the Open Air Theatre "Otto René Castillo" Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias" highlighted three cultural symbols of Guatemala, protagonists of one of the flagship activities of the country. The central theme was Easter, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation and its conclusion that involves a series of events, as the processional parades and funeral marches that accompanies. To commemorate this artistic discipline he attended the Martial Symphonic Band in interpreting traditional songs of Lent.

At the start of the event included a ceremonial brief ceremony led by the Vice Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos and director of Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias", Carlos Estrada. Speaking, Vice Minister stressed the importance of Holy Week as a cultural symbol of the nation. He starred with the director of the Cultural Center in a special recognition of guilds who attended the artistic presentation.

The concert, the entire contents of sacred music was Easter, was performed by the Symphonic Band Martial, also declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, whose musicians are known for their wide range of national and international pieces. The repertoire included ancestral subjects dating back to the colonial era of Guatemala, and other newly composed. A brief bow was made to spare universal composers Franz Schubert and Antonio Oddo.

After an hour, the concert ended with the iconic theme Mater Dolorosa, work of Guatemalan composer remembered Julia Quinonez. In total there were 12 subjects reminisced the Holy Week processions. Al final, director of the Symphonic Band, Assimilated First Captain Juan Castro, He urged those present to live Lent a time of faith, devotion and fervor.

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