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Guatemalan writers recognized for their work in child drama

a Escritores Guatemaltecos de obras infantiles_9435
a Escritores Guatemaltecos de obras infantiles_9435

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Arts paid tribute to nine Guatemalan writers of children's theater. The activity was held Tuesday night 17 October 2014, in the Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo" Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias".

The formal ceremony was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos and the General Director of the Arts, Lucia Weapons, and representatives of the Commission of Inquiry of Art and Editorial Alfaguara Children and Youth.

In activity recognition awards made to Guatemalan writers of books for children and youth. They are Thelma Camacho Ligia (Storytelling), Roberto Castañeda (Pinocho Teatro), Amanda Espinoza (Peluchín Long Arms), Ligia Bernal (Toy Landia), Ricardo Estrada, Manuel Galich, Fernando Balsells Tojo, Gradiz and Mercedes Fernandez

Dr. Frieda Morales of CIAG said "we want the rooms of the theaters were re-filled as before, and writers of children's books that shaped his authorship is forever remembered for generations to come ".

As part of this event published seven books of children's theater performed Guatemala, compiled by Dr. Morales and writer Gloria Hernández. Among them is Moonflower, Cuco and Quico, Fishing Laughter, inter alia.

After the event, Students at the College of Art, performed a drama extract Mujercita work of writer Louisa May Alcott.

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