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Remembering Miguel Ángel Asturias

Miguel Asturias
Miguel Asturias

Nine books on Guatemalan Culture Editorial writers who speak of the work of Miguel Angel Asturias, is being displayed in the lobby of the National Palace of Culture. Authors like Albizúrez Francisco Palma, Otto Raúl González, Gonzalo Asturias Montenegro, Rafael Pineda Reyes, Mario Alberto Carrera, Rubén López Marroquín, Francisco Morales Santos, Amos Segala and Lucrecia Méndez de Penelo, rescue the most relevant of the work of Asturias.

8In Guatemala, the main cultural center of the country is named after Miguel Angel Asturias which was founded ago 36 years and is under the Ministry of Culture and Sports, precisely in the frontispiece of the enclosure a bust of Asturias is located. This is one of the greatest tributes to Nobel in Literature, mainly because his name is still in force in the cultural and artistic spaces that develop in the city.

There is a Presidential Order named Miguel Angel Asturias, also, National Prize for Literature, of the most important in Latin America, is the name of this author, whereby all remember what year the Ministry for their contributions to Guatemalan literature and put up the name of Guatemala. In the National Palace of Culture, in the historic center, another bust of Asturias is located, Artist Galeotti Torres and reform of full body sculpture Writer, elaborated by Max Leiva.

It is noteworthy that the national education system also has within its curriculum of studies Guatemalan authors, highlighting the Nobel Prize for Literature 1967, Miguel Angel Asturias.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports remember this day 40 anniversary of the death of this illustrious Guatemalan Writer. His memory continues in our country and to remember his death, remember his life, literary legacy and contributions to the Guatemalan literature.

The Culture, engine of development!

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