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They pay tribute to Efraín Recinos

Viceministra de Cultura, Clariza Castellanos.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos.

The next 02 October, It will be held the third meeting Art, posthumous tribute to "Efrain Recinos". The activity was held in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias".

In the morning, This tribute will have the participation of the Military Symphonic Band, Ministry of Defence. Then, a painting exhibition will be inaugurated by the students of the School of Art University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Another attraction of this activity is the pictorial gallery exhibition entitled "Yaax-che".

In the afternoon, tribute continues, with special programming at the Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo", of that cultural center. Last, The event will end with the presentation of the National Symphony Orchestra.

About the Honoree

Efrain Recinos, 1928 – 2011, He was a painter, Quetzalteco sculptor and muralist engineer from an early age began in the arts. Among his most notable architectural construction and design of the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" mentioned, raised the front of the building of the National Mortgage, Sources Industry Park, inter alia.

Part of his artistic legacy, is exhibited in the National Museum of Modern Art and other venues in the city of Guatemala. In honor of his great contributions to the history and culture of the country, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, He named the Grand Chamber, the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, with the name of this renowned artist.

In addition, in honor of the artist, Efraín Recinos The Award was established through Ministerial Agreement 395-2007. Distinction is awarded annually in June, people who stand out and collaborate with the maintenance of this cultural site.

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