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Indigenous representatives attend National Meeting

As part of the commemoration of National and International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the Ministry of Culture and Sports conducted the "First National Meeting of Representatives of Indigenous Peoples before the Departmental Development Councils (CODEDES)”. The activity was held 6 to the 9 August and was coordinated by the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

And alternate representatives of indigenous peoples before the CODEDE attended the Meeting, which aimed to create a space for sharing knowledge and experiences to strengthen their impact on decision making in their communities and their effective participation.

This meeting was conducted in four phases, with the participation of approximately 80 people. In the first phase an assembly was held with representatives of Indigenous Peoples, to evaluate the work plan of the National Coordination of Indigenous Peoples' Representatives.

In Phase, a forum where various issues such as Historical review process was conducted CODEDE addressed, Inclusion of Culture in the Development Process, inter alia. The Third Phase, a workshop on Problem Analysis was performed and strategies for their solution.

In the last phase was implemented a workshop to redefine the profile and functions of Representatives of Indigenous Peoples.

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