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Representatives Ballelt Modern and Folk Press Conference in Merida

ballet moderno en FICMAYA09028
ballet moderno en FICMAYA09028

Lucia Weapons, General Director of the Arts, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, alongside Fernando Juárez, Amadeo Albizures and René Argueta, Modern and Ballet Folklorico de Guatemala, They gave us details of the four presentations will in the International Festival of the Mayan Culture, "Architecture in the weather and landscape Mayab" in Merida, Yucatán, at a press conference at the Great Museum of the Mayan World.

Thirty-two people between bailares, teachers and technical staff, are ready to present their show on the Yucatan city, for which he deserved to be named Cultural Patrimony of the Nation and receive the Order of the Quetzal. Also, This year he is serving 50 year anniversary.

"I am pleased with the activities that have taken place in the FicMaya Guatemala and the role of guest of honor", Director General stressed the Arts.

The teacher said that Fernando Juárez modern and folkloric ballet serves to rescue and foster Guatemalan traditions, because group members are ambassadors worldwide Guatemalan culture.

Amadeo Albizures, said group master Ballet will present during the last 4 days FICmaya, to be closed Sunday.

The group travels with a marimba buildable, with the right steps to move to any part of the world. The references to it instrumento, René Argueta said for Guatemalan marimba is the national instrument.

The Modern and Ballet Folklorico de Guatemala, will present the 23 to the 26 October at 20:00 hours in the Plaza Grande in Merida, Pictures will be taken to where Ixil, a montage showing traditions and customs of the area of ​​Quiche. The Paabanc, symbolizing the rituals of ethnic Q'eqchi', Alta Verapaz, inter alia.

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